The freshness is our tradition!



Classic croissant  1pcs 250 rub
Croissant with custard  1pcs 360 rub
Croissant with chocolate  1pcs 320 rub

Panini and bruschetta

Panini / bruschetta with salted salmon and salad leaves  350g 780 rub
Panini / bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella and sweet tomatoes  260g 850 rub
Panini / bruschetta with baked vegetables and goat cheese  250g 650 rub

Porridge, yoghurt, muesli

Oatmeal with berries  200/80g 720 rub
Semolina porridge with fruit  200/80g 450 rub
Polenta with pumpkin  200/50g 300 rub
Buckwheat with baked milk  250g 280 rub
Natural yogurt  125g 250 rub
Yogurt with berries  125/50g 480 rub
Muesli with milk  200g 250 rub
Farmhouse cottage cheese with sour cream  140g 780 rub

Сottage cheese dishes

Cottage cheese pancakes  120g 650 rub

Egg dishes

La Maree omelette with king crab meat and white asparagus  150/100/50g 1780 rub
Omelette or 3 fried eggs  150g 300 rub
Omelette or 3 fried eggs with Royal scallop  150/50g 690 rub
Omelette or 3 fried eggs with octopus  150/50g 990 rub
Omelette or 3 fried eggs with Tiger shrimps  150/50g 630 rub
Omelette or 3 fried eggs with mini-squids  150/50g 745 rub
Omelette or 3 fried eggs with tomatoes  150/50g 450 rub

Pancakes and fritter

Pancakes with black caviar  5950 rub
Pancakes with red caviar  1050 rub
Pancakes with seafood  1800 rub
Pancakes with cream  950 rub
Fritter with blueberries  750 rub


Nalistniki with forest mushrooms  200/50g 450 rub
Nalistniki with veal  200/50g 650 rub
Nalistniki with cottage cheese  150/50/30g 870 rub
Nalistniki with poppy seeds  150/50/25g 450 rub
Nalistniki with apple  150/50/30g 750 rub
Nalistniki with cherry  150/50/30g 850 rub

Desserts with chia seeds

Dessert Chia Seeds with yogurt and wild berries  120/75g 650 rub
Dessert Chia Seeds coconut-mango  120/70g 650 rub
Dessert Chia Seeds peach-raspberry  120/75g 650 rub


Grissini with salmon and dill cream  30g 210 rub
Mini-potato stuffed with caviar  25g 830 rub
Financiers tapenade with asparagus  40g 490 rub
Pink shrimp and mango skewer  30g 630 rub
Spring rolls with crab and mint  35g 530 rub
Nicoise salad mini skewer  30g 390 rub
Proshuitto and melon skewer  30g 530 rub
Quail, truffles and foie -gra galantine  35g 570 rub
Mashed potatoes and duck confit croquet  30g 390 rub
Marinated seasonal vegetables broshett  30g 370 rub
Artichoke stuffed with spicy ratatouille  35g 560 rub
Cod croquettes with tartar sauce  30g 290 rub
Stuffed Askolana olives  30g 310 rub

Sweet canapes

Assorted Macaroons  30g 150 rub
Homemade marmalade  30g 95 rub
Dates stuffed with pistachio  40g 190 rub
Financiers with fresh fruit  30g 250 rub
Mini panna cotta in chocolate cup  30g 250 rub
Mini tiramisu in chocolate cup  30g 250 rub
Tartare of seasonal fruits in chocolate cup  30g 290 rub
Chocolate mousse duo in chocolate cup  30g 250 rub