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Friture and tempura

Lobster tempura  100g 2300 rub
Oysters tempura in sauce Pepper  4/180pcs/g 1650 rub
King crab and vegetables tempura with ginger sauce  150/120/40g 1760 rub
Deep fried smelts with Tartar sauce  100g 320 rub
Tempura lobster  100g 1450 rub
Crispy codfish with Harris sauce  150/50g 550 rub
Deep fried red mullet with Tartar sauce  100g 700 rub
Fried Murmansk cod with fried potatoes, tartar sauce  200/150/40g 880 rub
Tempura Cucumaria sea cucumber with sesame seeds in Sweet and Sour sauce  130/50g 880 rub
Mini cuttlefish fries with Tartar sauce  100g 950 rub
Micro calamari fries with Tartar sauce  100g 950 rub
Calamari fries, Tartar sauce  200/40g 1250 rub