The freshness is our tradition!
  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg


French Makarons  17g 150 rub
Traditional Russian delicate cake from milk and chocolate  120/20/30g 530 rub
Classic creme brulee with vanilla  150/20g 610 rub
Soft Chocolate Trio cake  170/50/25g 750 rub
Warm chocolate cake with a secret filling and pistachio ice cream  130/50/5g 620 rub
Apple Tarte Tatin  185/50/50g 800 rub
Pannakota with berry sauce  110/30/50g 890 rub
«Holiday» dessert from Chef  800 rub
Meringue with berries and Patisserie light creme  180g 770 rub
Raspberry Napoleon cake with berry sauce  180/35/35g 770 rub
Classic cheesecake  175/30/20g 850 rub
Honey cake with caramel ice-cream  160/50/40g 720 rub
Soft mango-raspberry mousse  80/50/20g 660 rub
Poppy pie  180/50/40g 700 rub
Thai lychee jelly with ginger sauce  120/40/10g 750 rub
Tiramisu  240g 750 rub
Assorted LA MARLETTE mini cakes  250g 990 rub
Pineapple ravioli with Thai mango  300g 850 rub
"Fondat" mousse Philadelphia cheese with orange zest, Madagascar vanilla and hot berry sauce  90/160g 1150 rub
Mille-feuille with berries  120/40/10g 990 rub