The freshness is our tradition!
  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg


Salmon and fennel tartar  140g 980 rub
Fresh tomato tartar with truffle  200/5g 1800 rub
Beef tartar  180g 2300 rub
Bluefin Tuna tartar  180g 2480 rub
Akami Tuna tartar  130g 2650 rub
Akami tuna tartar with avocado and Miso Sauce  150g 2650 rub
Wild sea bass tartar with red onion and cured tomatoes  230g 2900 rub
Yellowtail tartar with artichokes, arugula and sea urchin caviar  225g 3600 rub
Langoustines (5 pcs) tartar with sea urchin caviar, asparagus and avocado  270g 7900 rub