The freshness is our tradition!
  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg

Cold appetizers

Black truffle (fresh-frozen)  1g 550 rub
White truffle (fresh-frozen)  1pcs 900 rub
Black sturgeon caviar with crepes  50g 5950 rub
Red caviar with blinis  50g 1050 rub
Focaccia with Buffalo and Marzolino cheese  240g 1100 rub
Crispy bruschetta with sweet tomatoes, basil, olive oil and garlic  780 rub
Crispy bruschetta with eggplant caviar, arugula and parmesan cheese  780 rub
Sea fish* filet ceviche with avocado, lime and orange juice, cilantro  520 rub
Olive salad mix with seafood or fish fillet *  400g 1300 rub
Salad with mango, asparagus, artichokes, avocado and herbs (vegetable mix)  270g 2300 rub
Warm salad with octopus  250g 2300 rub
Langoustine salad  220g 3500 rub
Salad with Red King (Kamchatka) crab and avocado  310g 3100 rub
Green salad bouquet with honey and lemon dressing  160g 890 rub
Burrata cheese with arugula  210g 770 rub
Mechouia salad with home-cooked Confit tuna  250/60g 950 rub
King scallop and artichoke salad  260g 2500 rub
Salad made of pink tomatoes with basil and capers  250g 890 rub
Caprese salad with tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegar  280g 750 rub
Ruccola salad with shrimps and Parmesan cheese  250g 1480 rub
Olivier salad with crab  260g 1950 rub
King crab salad with mango  290g 2800 rub
Salad with Thai mango, avocado, asparagus, artichoke and Red King (Kamchatka) crab  200/100g 2900 rub
Warm salad with fried artichokes, arugula and quail  200g 2350 rub
Warm salad with spiny lobster or lobster  220g 3720 rub
Wild shrimp wasabi with flying fish roe  280g 1760 rub
Terrine of foie gras with currant jam  150/90g 2600 rub
Vitello Tonnato  300g 2500 rub
Vitello Trufato  300g 2500 rub

Cinco Jotas - the best ham in the world of hand-cutting

Jamon Iberico Beyota 100% Cinco Jotas  50g 2480 rub

Assorted cold cuts

Jerked beef Bresaola  100g 2200 rub
Smoked duck breast  100g 1090 rub
Salchichon  100g 750 rub
Chorizo  100g 750 rub

Assorted fish cuts

Lightly salted salmon  100g 650 rub
Hot smoked sturgeon balyk  100g 1450 rub
Hot smoked eel  100g 870 rub
Kabayaki eel  100g 1560 rub
Cold smoked muksun  100g 900 rub
Cold smoked nelma  100g 900 rub
Hot smoked sterlet  100g 1700 rub

The best cheeses of French recipes

Cheese platter  195g 1300 rub
Medium cheese platter  285g 1700 rub
Large cheese platter  465g 2500 rub
Cheese with truffle and pear confiture with Jalapeño  50g 1000 rub