The freshness is our tradition!


La Marée - the largest provider of live and chilled fish, seafood and exclusive gastronomy. The company has six restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as catering services and catering.

La Marée catering onboard provides a full range of services for organizations catering for the business aviation and airport in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Côte d'Azur.

Our advantages:

1. Exceptional freshness

Modern technology of preparation and packaging make it possible for as long as maintain product freshness in conditions of long flights. All packaging and disposable tableware of high quality and maximum compac.

2. Great choice of dishes

In addition to an unprecedented selection of fresh fish and seafood on the menu La Marée presented meats and cheeses, fresh vegetables, fruits, wine. At your request we will prepare all the masterpieces of Mediterranean, Italian, French, Japanese, Russian and Thai dishes. Menu created a brand-chef restaurants La Marée Zitouni Abdessattar.

3. Work on special order

We are happy to work on special order, and if you have special requirements to the choice of products you prefer vegetarian cuisine or favorite dish is not on our menu, we will cook it for you.

4. Efficiency

Orders are processed promptly upon receipt. We connected 24 hours a day on-line or by phone. The competent managers will answer any of your questions on ordering, the choice of dishes, food delivery. You can also get advice from our chefs.

5. Children's menu

Children have their own eating habits, and we'll keep them in the formation of the children's menu.

6. The exact instructions for cooking on-line

Our site has all the instructions for the flight attendants how to cook  food and beautifully serve their passengers from provided La Marée ingredients .

7. Services onboard catering La Marée certified!