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Tunisian lamb Frik soup with chickpeas (Shorba)  250/10g 720 rub
LA MARLETTE fish soup with saffron and garlic toast  250/40/15g 1270 rub
Sakhalin shellfish, shrimp and fish soup  1000g 3600 rub
Cold Gazpacho "La Maree" with seafood  410g 1350 rub
Minestrone  300g 700 rub
Tunisian fish Frik soup  250/10g 720 rub
Original Russian Ukha (fish soup)  250/60/5g 720 rub
Russian fish Solyanka soup  250/50g 890 rub
Oyster Veloute  250/20g 1180 rub
Asparagus cream soup  300g 1400 rub
Artichokes cream soup  200/50g 1130 rub
Soup with porcini mushrooms and Tortellini with duck and truffle  300g 2100 rub
Cacciucco Livornese soup  420g 2800 rub