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  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg

Side dishes

Boiled rice  150/10g 300 rub
Padron peppers  120g 400 rub
Wild rice  150g 350 rub
Risotto with saffron  180g 570 rub
Buckwheat  150/10g 200 rub
Boiled potatoes  150/15g 270 rub
Mashed potatoes  150g 350 rub
Mashed potatoes with celery  150g 410 rub
Roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic  150g 340 rub
Roasted potatoes with onions and mushrooms  250g 970 rub
Mashed potatoes with truffles  200g 780 rub
Fricassee of vegetables with cilantro  200g 750 rub
Artichoke with garlic and herbs  100g 1450 rub
Assorted mushrooms  150g 890 rub
Grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, peppers, cherry tomatoes)  150g 890 rub
Spinach  80g 480 rub
Asparagus  100g 760 rub
Tastira (grilled vegetables with garlic and eggs)  250g 510 rub
Quinoa  250g 350 rub
Potato rosti  200g 490 rub