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Autumn Thai menu

Cold starters

Coi Pla: Thai sea fish* ceviche  450 rub
Yam Pla: Warm codfish with fresh vegetable salad  340g 950 rub
Yam Pla Muek Yang: Salad with grilled mini calamari in Thai style  300g 1400 rub

Hot starters

"Por Pia Tod: Spring roll with seafood, vegetables and plum sauce  150/50g 1670 rub
Goong Wasabi Thai: Wild shrimps with Wasabi sauce  100/50g 2100 rub


Tom Yum Goong: Spicy soup with shrimps, mushrooms and coconut milk  300g 1200 rub
"Tom Kha Ta Ley: Spicy soup with seafood, mushrooms and coconut milk  300g 1710 rub

Hot dishes

Soba Pad Phak: Soba (buckwheat) noodles with vegetables and sauce  210g 850 rub
Pla Sam Ros: Crispy sea bass with sweet and sour sauce and pineapple  100g 730 rub
Phad Thai: Fried soba (rice) noodles with shrimps, egg and peanuts  300g 1300 rub
Phad Thai: Fried soba (rice) noodles with crab, egg and peanuts  300g 1950 rub
Nue Yang Jim Jeaw: Marinated rib eye in Thai herbs and ouster sauce  100g 1750 rub